Thursday, November 29, 2012


We arrived in Fernandina Beach, Fl after a long 25.5 hour sail(mostly with the motor) from Charleston, SC to Fernandina Beach.

Why you ask? Well by going over the ocean rather than the ICW we cut off 5 to 6 days of travelling through very shallow creeks in Georgia where you have to be respectful of the tide times. Since we
draw 5.5 feet we getting nervous when the water depth gets below 7 feet.

It was a long ride but worth it. After arriving we went to shore and just relaxed and later walked 2 miles to the movie theater to see Skyfall.  Joy was afraid she would fall asleep watching Lincoln so we decided to save Lincoln for another day another town.

I did want to mention two new friend from Montreal.  Michael and Monique.  They are sailing for a year.  They are still working as translators of documents from English into French and vice versa.
They work on their boat.  They just have to have good Wifi connections.

Today is going to be East 55th Street reunion day with the Fankos arriving today via boat and the Walkers driving over by car from Jacksonville. Should be a fund time.  We will be travelling with the Frankos for a while as we both work our ways south. They winter in Marathon, FL. The Walkers are down here visiting their kids and grandkids and are headed back to Cleveland on Saturday.


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