Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Swansboro, NC

We finally got out of River Dunes after spending 8 great days there.  The last four were because of the weather being so lousy.  Mostly high winds.

One last picture of River Dunes, sharing dinner with some other boaters. The second floor dining room was closed off for the Sail Club's annual Commodore's Ball.  So us regular boater types ate downstairs.

Left to right, Mary Ann from Thistle, Mary Snow and her husband Mike ?, they have their boat at River Dunes all year long, plus Joy

So today we left River Dunes and made it to Swansboro, easy ride with current behind us most of the way. We tried anchoring in the river but it would not grab so we got a slip at Casper's Marina for only $1.25/ft.  Tomorrow we plan on leaving at 6 am in the dark to catch the 8 am bridge opening about
11 miles away.

There are five boats here at Caspers, we are in the middle.

Casper's is mostly a pleasure craft facility with indoor storage. Here is a picture of  sunset

The sun is setting around 5 pm now so
it makes it hard to travel during the day unless you leave before 7 am.  Not going to be able to
do as much mileage compared to the summertime.


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