Sunday, November 4, 2012

Portsmouth, VA

Arrived in Portsmouth, VA, across the river from Norfolk, VA.  Had a long 8.5 hour trip down the Chesapeake from Deltaville.  Left at 7 am, got here at 4:30 pm. 

We are at the High Street Dock, which is free.  However, there is no power, water, showers, etc.  It is
exactly like the East 9th St basin next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame building. We can stay here for a couple of nights if we want to and if our batteries hold up. 

There is a big storm coming on Wed and so we will not be heading down the Dismal Swamp until Thursday.

The pictures today are of ships in what is called the Hampton Roads Harbor,  it covers Hampton, Newport New, Norfolk and Portsmouth.

Tomorrow Joy is going out campaigning for President Obama.  I will probably take the water taxi across the river to see an afternoon movie.

We thought about moving across the river to Waterside Marina but that is $60 /night vs staying her for free until they kick us out.

There is a lot of ship repair work going on around here.  In fact there is a new Navy ship being built right across from where we are staying. Will try and find out what kind it is.


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