Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Portsmouth, VA

We arrived in Portsmouth, VA on Sunday afternoon.  Staying at the High Street Boat Basin for four nights.  Leaving tomorrow for Elizabeth City, NC which is famous for Roses that they pass out to all the women sailing/motoring down the ICW.  Plus they have a nice wine and cheese party if they are enough boats around.  The dockage is free along side the city wall.
Joy spent Monday and Tuesday working on the Obama campaign at the local office right down the street. She did phone calls on Monday and went out door to door on Tues day.  These first two pictures are of Doug, the second one is of Victoria , Joy and Amy.

Doug was formerly a TV news person, then a Missouri high way patrol office and then twenty years in the FBI. Now he is acting in small indie movies.  Victoria works in a QVC call center and Amy is a ICU nurse

notice the photo effect on Joy's Blue Moon beer!!!

So today the storm is pushing up the water into High Street Boat Basin, in fact so high that on three sides of the basin, the dock is underwater and people have to use boots to get to their boat. The water is at least 12 inches deep.  On our side we are on a higher wall so we just have to climb up higher to get on High Spirits.

So tomorrow it is off to the Dismal Swamp.  The Dismal Swamp goes back to the 1740's or so, and in fact it was Colonel George Washington who was involved in the survey of the canal.


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