Thursday, June 30, 2011

Annapolis, MD

I just noticed that it has been an entire week since I last posted anything about High Spirits and her adventures.  Sad to report, nothing super exciting, we did not run around, we did not get caught in any major thunderstorms, we are just having a great time and time kind of got away from me and my postings.

We have been in Annapolis since Sunday, June 26 having a great time with David and Peg Shaake and David's parents, John and Carol.  John and Carol have a condo in Shearwater Condos on Spa Creek.
Shearwater has a guest dock which we are currently using.  Picture of the four of them at the Fleet Reserve Club where John is a member.  The Fleet Reserve Club is for retired Naval, Marine and Coast Guard members with Air Force and Army veterans eligible as associate members.

On Monday we spent time at the Naval Academy walking around the grounds, visiting the Chapel( picture behind the altar) , the crypt of John Paul Jones (under the Chapel floor), and the Naval Academy museum.  Very interesting, everybody should visit the Academy.

On Tuesday, Jen picked us up and we went down to Hyatsville for the day to spend it with Adam and Erin,( also with Jen and Mark. We went to their softball game, unfortunately they lost.

On Wednesday,   Joy took Erin to summer camp, Jen took Adam with her and on Wed morning I got a haircut   Hyattsville is a nice little town, you can walk to a lot of places.

Peg picked us up and we went shopping at the grocery store. We had Peg, David and John over for dinner.  Carol was at book club meeting..

Today, June 30, has turned out to be a get work done day. Ordered new oil filters and new set of seals for the front head.

In a little while we will head back downtown via the dinghy and do some last minute walking around, plus looking for a hardware store to get a key copy.

Going to a concert tonight with the 4 Shaake's, should be fun.  Then tomorrow we head to Baltimore where we stay at Inner Harbor East. Marnie and Doug will be arriving in Baltimore on July 3 so we have stuff planned for them.  Fireworks on July 4 on their boat.


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