Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Overnight to Southport, NC

We left Charleston, SC around 12:30 in the afternoon and headed north to Southport, NC, for a 23 hour offshore sailing adventure.

Actually it was not that much of an adventure. We only saw about 2 vessels and neither of them got close to us. Our radar screen was empty 98 percent of the time.  As usual we took turns sleeping and watching the third mate, Ms. Auto Pilot, do her thing.  She does it extremely well and is so much better than having to hand steer High Spirits for 23 hours. 

The only problem on this leg is that I kind of felt a little sea sickness approaching. Nothing too serious but a pain.  I took a medication that we bought in the Bahamas, similar to Dramamine but made in the U.K.
Not sold in the States.  Felt a little better after the second dosage this mornng.

We arrived at Southport Marina, a really nice and friendly place. A nice restaurant is across the street, it is actually a converted gas station. It is huge inside.  I had Pork, NC style, and Joy had a Reuben sandwich. Going back for breakfast as we are not leaving until 10 am due to tide and current situation. 

Heading north to Surf City, NC to visit with Paul and Carol Cook. Most likely will end up at the beach Friday afternoon. Going to sleep at their house and a REAL BED. 

I forgot to mention that after lunch we did boat chores. They parked us on the back side of the fuel dock so we got a easy diesel fill up. Changed the oil and the oil filter, and got rid of the old oil in the proper manner. 

Joy went for a walk through Southport and here are the pictures of the town she took today. 

We found our engine hour meter, actually Joy found it as she noticed a broken wire where the oil filter is attached to the engine. Traced it back to a meter in the starboard hold.  Not sure how long it has been broken, never noticed it before so it must have been connected. Anyway the meter says 2,952 hours on it.

bye for now


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