Sunday, June 19, 2011

Norfolk, VA

We made it through the flies finally.  They were pretty bad the last two days.  After a wonderful stay at Elizabeth, NC we continued up the ICW with some new friends that we met on the dock.

Specifically John and Sue in a trawler and Butch and Debbie in a 35 foot sailboat, a Seaward which has a retractable keel.  John and Sue are a little older than us while Butch and Debbie are slightly younger.  Picture of Debbie, Sue and Joy and Butch.

The three boats pulled out of the Elizabeth City dock and were joined by Danny and Christina on a boat which Joy thought the name was "Numb Nuts"  She wondered how it got that name but that is what she kept calling it all day. Of course, Debbie could hardly stop from laughing every time she head: " Numb Nus, High Spirits calling"  Numb Nuts stayed on channel 13, the bridge channel while the other 3 boats stayed on channel 17.

All four boats met at the Mexican restaurant, La Familia, at the Deep Creek lock/bridge.  This place is familiar to Linda and Francis.  When Danny and Christina got there we were told that their boat's name is "Knot Numb".  The problem was that both Danny and Christina came to the US from Poland and were a little hard to hear correctly on the radio.   Anyway we all had a good laugh about " Numb Nuts"

We spent some time with Robert at the Deep Creek lock hearing some history of the area, having coffee and doughnuts and then we were off to Norfolk. Picture of Robert trying out the new conch horn that John and Sue got in the Bahamas as well as a Civil War recliner in Robert's office.  He is a really a great guide to the history and workings of the Dismal swamp.

John, Sue, Butch, Debbie, Joe and Joy all ended up at the marina across from Hospital Point, while Danny and Christina continued on.  It looks like thunderstorms tonight so Joy waned to be at a marina rather than on an anchor.  

Going to see Bridesmaids tonight, and I will go see Green Lantern tomorrow afternoon. If we stay until Sunday, there is Dancing under the Stars at the park next to the marina. Dancing under the Stars got rained out by a thunderstorm, the first one in a long time. We were safely tied at the dock. The wind only hit 25 mph and lasted a short time.


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