Thursday, June 30, 2011

Relaxing in Oxford, MD with the Sadlers

Sat, June 25, 2011 finds us in the wonderful company of Ken and Sarah Sadler in the beautiful eastern shore  Chesapeake Bay. Ken and Sarah live in Oxford, MD.  Oxford has a population of 800, the biggest town of Easton, population 10,000.
We met Ken and Sarah in the Bahamas, they have a catamaran sailboat and sailed with us for the second half of our Bahamas trip plus were part of the flotilla back to Florida in May. 

Since my last posting we have continued to travel north stopping in Sandy Hook, an anchorage next Reedville, MD for an overnight.  Very quite place and I have included a picture of sunset at Sandy Hook, wonderful sky colors. 

Then it was up to Solomon, MD where suddenly we were being paged on the VHF by Butch and Debbie. They had left Deltaville the day before us but stopped an additional place so they caught up with us. We had planned on anchoring out in Solomon Harbor but went into a nice marina and spent the day with them, including bar hopping at two bars for dinner. 

On Saturday we had lunch with  Brooks and Maureen, from our first half of Bahamas trip for lunch in Easton.  The Sadlers joined us for lunch as Ken is a potter and Maureen is a water colorist. Had a nice time and walked around several art galleries after lunch.

Then things kind of got a little crazy.  I had gotten an email from FACEBOOK about Josh's birthday party that night up in  Baltimore on the Tiki Barge.  Next thing you know, Joy is thinking"  Too bad we are not on the west side of the Bay.  Wonder how far it is to Baltimore from Oxford?". Then Sarah says "Let's go".  SO we ended up driving an hour and a half up to Baltimore, the four of us.  Got to the Tiki Barge, NO JOSH.  called him on Rachel's phone. They were across the street having dinner.

Told him where we were, he did not believe us at first.  Walked over to the Little Havana Restaurant and found Josh, Rachel, Tim Weale( from high school), Sid from NYC( he was best man at Josh and Rachel's wedding, and Cary, a friend from Minot who moved to Baltimore.  They stayed for another drink ( on my tab) then went to Tiki Barge.  We stayed for dinner, delicious Cuban sandwich.  I drove back as I don't drink, so I am the designated driver.  Great Time

So the next day after church, we dropped the mooring and headed north to Annapolis


Photos below

Sarah, Joe, Joy, Brooks, Maureen, & Ken at lunch

Rachel and Josh and us at Little Havana Restaurant in Baltimore

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