Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Richmond, VA

Well, we have been busy lately. We are in Deltaville, VA having some electrical repair wok done on the boat.  Pulled into Deltaville on Sunday afternoon after a sail/motor trip up from Norfolk, Va.  Weather was not the greatest but not too bad.

We drove to Richmond, VA on Monday, June 20 and had dinner with Reid and Lisa Ashe at their home.  Reid and I go back to MIT as fraternity brothers.  We generally get to see them once a year at Reunion, but have seen them 3 times in the last year and a half as we travelled by car and then by boat.

Tuesday morning, Joy and I spent abut 5 hours touring Richmond and its role in the Civil War. The Tredegar Iron Works has been converted into a National Park. At Tredegar most of the cannons used by the South were cast in that facility.  The Iron Works are free, you can get you parking for free is you have a National Park Pass( best buy in town, $10 for life, if you are a senior citizen).

Next door is the American Civil War Center which is a private non profit museum housed in the old Tredegar Foundry building.  The Civil War Center is centered around three major themes:  Union, Home, and AfricanAmerican.  It is a good 2 hour visit with 4 short 10 minute films that explore the Causes of the Civil War, Impact on Home life, the Emancipation Proclamation, and Legacy and Memory of the War.  We would suggest anybody travelling to Richmond or through Richmond should stop and see both he Iron Works and the Civil War Center.

Drove back to Deltaville Tuesday night and had dinner with John, Sue,Butch and Debbie. 

Plan on leaving today at noon time if all projects are finished.  Good possibility as Stu is finishing up the fourth project this morning.

Have to finish washing clothes and go food shopping.


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