Thursday, September 13, 2012

Buzzard Bay

Well it has been a while since I have penned a note to the blog. We have been very busy and also the Sony PC has given up the ghost.  It does not seem to be able to go to the web.  The Internet
Explorer program fails each time.  So I have shifted all my important files to our little red
ACER computer.  I have a second chip to go into it, just have to figure out how to install ir or find sombody who knows how to do itl

Last weekend was my fraternity annual reunion in Cambridge, MA.  We had a great time.
High Spirits was in Manchester harbor before the reunion and then we sailed down to Boston Harbor on Thursday, the day before. We slept mostly on the boat but Saturday night was kind of bad weather so we slept at the hotel.

Joy went to visit her brother Mark and his family on Sunday.  I had two more meetings at MIT regarding our fund raising project.  We are trying to raise $7.2 million to renovate the house and get it set up for the 21st century Lots of ADA, and safety requirements.

Then back on the boat this week.  We met Rusy and Nancy Field on Summer Wind in Portland, Maine. They are also sailing south but only to North Carolina.  The kids and their families live in Chapel Hill, NC and they are thinking of moving there.  Here are some pictures.

 First picture - Boston sky line as we sailed past her on our way south

Rusty, Joy and Nancy

Pilgrims' momument at Provincetown, MA

Sand dunes at Cape Cod National Seashore at Provincetown, Ma.  We rented bikes and rode about 7 miles to the beach and back

Left Provincetown this morning and motored across Cape Cod Bay. Entered the Cape Canal and with the current behind us we went over 10 knots.

After we exited the canal we were head on into the wind and the wind was backing up the tide against it into 4-6 foot waves.  So we bailed out early and ended up in Catumet, MA. A very nice and  old houses place on the Cape where people with lots of money spend their summers.


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