Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Blog is Back

The Blog is Back.  It was  wandering around in Joe's brain and finally found a way out.

I think it got out through Joe's bad right ear.  I heard a sharp pop this morning.

Well that last couple of days have been different from sailing.  I had an important
meeting at MIT on Wed.  The weather looked bad, which is was, for Monday and Tuesday so we invited ourselves to Nick and Sue Buehler's house in Webster, MA.  They are our super
good friends from our days in Andover, MA which was 1976-1981 when our daughter's were in the Coop Nursery School together. Plus Nick grew up as a Cleveland Browns fan.

Rented a car from Enterprise and off we went.  Interesting note on the car rental, the car costs about $45 per day.  The insurance , collision and liability, together would have cost $40/day, almost the cost of the house.  Fortunately our Chase VISA card covers us for collision, and we bought a separate liability policy from State Farm, which is cheaper for the amount of rentals we expect this year.

I drove to my MIT meeting, no problems.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, we spent time at the Buehlers playing various card games, and going out on their pontoon boat.  While I was gone on Wed, the three of them went to a local Thai restaurant.

So now it is Thursday morning. We load up the car with stuff from the grocery store and drove back to New London, Ct.

Got to see what the storm on Tuesday did to the dinghy. The dinghy was pushed up against the dock and eventually the rubber railing on the dock fell off. The staples punched several holes in the dinghy letting out the air.  It was still floating but looked soft.  Hope you can see from the picture below.

We got our stuff out to High Spirits, and blew up the dinghy with the air pump. A phone call to Burr's Marine and off we went to their fuel dock. They took really good care of our problem.  Got the dinghy out to the yard, got a patch kit and used our left over sealant that you pour into the dinghy and let dry.  Of course, then Joy decided to take advantage and we washed down the bottom.

So tonight we are on a Burr;'s mooring, will get the dinghy back tomorrow and off to Joshua Cove for a Friday night anchor and then on Saturday head west to have dinner with Mike and Sweta Wexler at Black Rock Yacht Club on Sat. night.


ps  Picture of sunset today, Thursday, Sept 20, 2012

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