Monday, September 3, 2012

Third time is not a Charm

You know how they say the third time is a charm.  Well the third time of a broken alternator bolt is definitely not a charm.

Happened today, Labor Day, Sept 3 west of  Gloucester, Ma. We were motoring along in almost no wind and only about an hour from our good friends Steve and Marty in Manchester, MA

All of sudden the new temperature alarm ges off, and Joy quickly shut the engine off.  I went below to see what was the problem. No belt on the alternator, at first I thought it was broken, but it had
come off because the alternator bolt broke.  Twice during the first cruise and now again.

Steve and Mary came out and towed us to the mouth or Manchester Harbor and then the
harbormaster took over. His harbor is very narrow and very busy.  We reached the place we had planned to stay at for one overnight, looks like we will be here longer.

Plus it is supposed to start to rain for 2 days  Eventually we will get to Boston.


ps  Will have pictures tomorrow of the broken bolt and the repair job.

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