Friday, September 7, 2012

Time with Friends

Our cruising life would not be what it is if not for the friends that we meet along the way, both old and new. The past week has been full of old friends. First of all, in Portland, my college friends got together for the saturday of Labor Day weekend. Traveling from Bremen, ME, Manchester, NH, and Maryland, we got together for lunch on the boat, and then Lisa, Peg, Andi, and I did the fun shopping stuff, while Harry and Joe begged off for the movies. Afterwards, we all got together for supper on the docks at the Porthole.

While we sit out the rain in Manchester-by-the-Sea, we have been visiting Steve (Joe's college fraternity brother) and wife, Marty! While they work, we have the house to stay at, getting off the boat during the rain, exploring their lovely little town, and in the evening hanging out together, watching the Democratic Convention, which we would not easily be able to do on the boat. Good friends, so special!  In addition, we had dinner with a friend (Suzanne Todd)from New London, who is working in Boston, and renting a room here in town.

Yesterday, I met four high school friends for lunch, something we didn't do for years, but now try to do about every other month, when we can. The older we get, the more important it seems to keep those old ties. Below are pics of some of our good times this past week. Unfortunately, the camera is not always at our finger tips.

Joy ( the occasional contributor)

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