Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rough Night

Last night was something else.  More later.

Wanted to show you a picture of Billy working on our dinghy.  They poured in the sealer
we had for fixing holes from inside, but he also installed an outer patch cover the pinholes that the
dock at New London had created.

So the dinghy had to stay dry for two days but that was okay as we were going to Black Rock YC and they have tender service.

We arrived at BRYC after a great sail of 5 hours or so. However we did not realized how wavy their mooring field is with a southerly wind. Joy did a fantastic job getting us hooked up to the mooring with the boat bouncing 4 feet into the air at times.  Nancey and Rusty on Summer Wind had a more difficult time, but they finally got attached.

We took the tender into the Club and had a great dinner with Mike and Sweta Wexler, who drove down from New Milford. Mike and I worked at Jefferson Wells Consulting in Cleveland Ohio, the job before my last position at Shaker Heights City Schools.  They are still working  full time.

While at dinner, Keith, the launch driver, came by and told us that the waves were so bad that they had to move the tender to Captain's Cove, at the end of the harbor because the tender was pulling out the dock cleats.  After dinner, Keith drove us down to Captain's Cove, where he lives on a boat, and took us out .  Had some 5-6 ft waves to go over in the tender.  If we had thought it through, we would have got a dock at Captain's Cove.  However, Keith said that the dockmaster is going to reduce our mooring bill due to the weather conditions.

Needless to say, it was a rough night until the wind turned about 1 am.  Now at 6:40 am it is as smooth as glass as the wind is out of the north. 

Today we are heading to City Island, NYC.  Then on Monday, through Hell's Gate and the East River and hopefully to a mooring at the 79th Street Boat Basin, Manhattan.  Plan on being in NYC for a week and spending time with Jill and Matt.


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