Thursday, August 30, 2012

Broken down in Portland,Maine

Well, it happened again. Another breakdown.  This time it is the roller furler on the jib sail.  It started causing trouble the other day, Monday, when were sailing down from Sebasco.  We were out having a nice sail and had reefed the jib sail. Then Joy decided to pull it out and what would you know, it refused to come out or roll back up.  It was jammed and the line was all entangled inside the

Managed to drop the main sale in Portland Harbor, and drive the boat to the mooring at Portland Yacht Services.  The rigging crew came out to the boat, and checked out our problem. Several broken parts inside the lower drum unit.  So then the ordering adventure started.

Too late Monday night to order parts.  Supplier said first thing out Tuesday morning for arrival on Wednesday. Wednesday comes, no parts.  Turns out person responsible for shipping them out on Tues day did not come to work, or something like that. Parts sat on a desk for Tuesday. 

Called again, parts sent out Wed, arrived this morning.  Wiley climbed up the mast, no safety line. He is a rock climber.  Picture of him at the top of the mast and also working on the drum unit.

Linda Franko always wants pictures of repair work.

So now it is Thursday, the weather is turning bad so we will be staying here in Portland until Sunday moing. The Simmons get together will be in Portland rather than Portsmouth, NH.  Actually here at the boat yard the parent company is sponsoring a Beer Festival all weekend. You can taste 22 beers and get some food.  Not sure if Joy and friends will want to do that.

Madona left yesterday but not until she and Joy put together yesterday's GREEN DRINK.

Basically fruit and greens, supposed to be good for you but sometimes it is too thick .

Here is what it looks like

That is it for now. Going to move off the dock when Wiley is finished and then go to Whole Foods to get some food for the weekend activities.


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