Monday, August 27, 2012

Portland, Maine

We arrived in Portland, Maine after spending two nights at Sebasco Harbor Resort. Joy had spent some summer vacation time there when she was about 10 years old.  For only a $40 per night mooring fee you get to use all the resort facilities including the pool and showers.  On the second night there was a reception where we met the current owner,  Bob Allan and his wife Lori.  They had great food and drinks and it was all free.

Here is a picture of Madona and Joy eating some lobster that they picked up for only $10 for
two at least pound and half each. 

So at Sebasco the pool was delightful.  Joy and Madona were kind of trapped inside the pool area while a wedding was taking place just outside on the lawn.

So this morning we left Sebasco about 10 am and planned on sailing the entire way to Portland and get here a day early due to forecast of thunderstorms on Tuesday.  Was an uneventful trip until we had problems with the jib sail's roller furler.  The reefing line got wound up in the fuller bottom piece and it locked up. This meant we would not pull it out when we were going to pick up our mooring.

However we were successful in picking up the mooring and then Joy after we finally found the correct size wrench, 3/16" hex, was able to fix it, so we thought.  We had called the Portland guys and they came out.  Then she found a piece under the furler which was identified as part of the furler spacer which keeps the furler in line with the forward stay, and so off they went back to shore to see if replacement parts could be ordered.  Worst outcome is a new roller furler, best is a new part.  We shall see what happens.

Madona leaves Wed afternoon so we will be here for three nights and then it is moving south to Boston area.


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