Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fogged In

Wanted to keep everybody up to date on our travels over the past couple of days.  Right now it is 7:36 am on August 24, a Thursday. We, the three of us, are at McGlathery Island in a nice cove sheltered from waves except for the lobster boats.  It was very foggy this morning so we are not leaving until the fog lifts or 9 am or later.  Heading to Camden, Maine.

But I want to go back and share a little about our last couple of days in Cape Breton.  Went on a whale watch trip on last Saturday evening  Only five passengers, the captain, and the guide so lots of room and chances to talk to John the captain.  Joy got to dive the boat for an hour or so on the way back to the dock.  So here are some pilot whale pictures

.  One of the last things we did was to visit Hopewell Rocks in Nova Scotia. This is where the tide change is 38-43 feet and you can basically walk on  ocean floor at low tide.  Please note that in the second picture, the ride rises 20 feet to get to where we are standing, and then another 18 feet above that. Google Hopewell Rocks to find more about this amazing place.

At high tide, especially full moon days,the arch above out heads to covered up by the water.

Tonight we are in Camden, Maine.  We decided it is one of our favorite places to visit as everything is within walking distance and every body understands how important boating is to their community.

Tomorrow it is off to Tenants Harbor, Maine, and then on to Sebasco Estates Resort where Joy went as a kid plus dinner with Charlie and Sharon Albiston on Sat. night.  Charlie is a second cousin through Joy's grandfather, Ted Bush.


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