Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today is the last day we will be in Halifax and have decent Internet.  Heading out tomorrow for Cape Breton and no idea if we will have wifi where we are staying.  But let us talk about the last couple of days for a little while/

Sunday afternoon we drove to Eldon, NS and stopped at the town of Orwell, or at least it was populated by people about 50 years ago. It seems that the entire village was turned into a national recreation area when the last person moved out and they closed the one room school house in 1969.  The authorities have preserved the Clark General Store and farm as kind of a living momento of village life in the 1800s in Nova Scotia ( or New Scotland). More about that later

Got up the next day and took the ferry boat to Pictou, NS.  This is a famous town in NS history as this is where the sailing ship Hector in 1773 brought 200 Scottish settlers to NS from Scotland, including William Fraser, one of Melody Gabriel's direct multiple great grandfathers.  We found his name on the list of passengers.  They had a tough voyage of 11-12 weeks, with many dieing along the way.

The town of Pictou built a replica of the Hector and we visited its park and museum.  Here is Joy and the ship's bell and a look along the deck.

Hard to image 200 people on this small ship.

Then on to Halifax, we arrived yesterday afternoon and are staying with Faune and Alex, the two sailors on Iolite that we met several times on our cruise to Fl and the Bahamas.  They have a dog they rescued named BOB, and he gets this cute tie from the folks who clip his coat

One of our activities this afternoon was to visit the Citadel, the major fort here in Halifax. Ran across this piper and learned all about bagpipes.

For dinner tonight we went down to the waterfront and took a ferry boat ride to the other shore and back, cost only $2.25 per person, both ways.  Found Theodor Too, a tugboat that is the mascot for the Halifax area.

Alex, Joe, Madonna, and Faune.  Madonna just flew in this afternoon and will be on vacation with us for the next two weeks in Cape Breton and sailing on High Spirits as we turn south.


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