Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to Acadia National Park

We have returned from the wilds of Canada, actually it is very cultured, some places just do not have good Internet services and we could not use our cell phones as they cost $.69/minute on Verizon.

Did a lot in the last couple of days so this blog will only contain some of the highlights of the past week.

So driving around Cape Breton we stopped at this farm house and picked up a ton of fresh veggies including carrots, beets, onion, garlic, and met this lady, can't remember her name, but she came to Canada from England with her husband so they could start a farm. Which they did

Music is very big, both on PEI and on Cape Breton. They have CEILIDH, means gathering where people sing, play music, dance and have a great time. Joy and I got to go to three of these, one in PEI and two on Cape Breton. The music is very Celtic or also known as Gaelic. Heavy influence from the Scots that came over in the 1700s as well as the French, who became known as Acadians.  Big duel language issues at times.  Some town in Cape Breton are 95% French background.  Music was great.

So on our trip around Cape Breton we got to ride on the world's shortest ferry, travels about 100 yards or so across the river and saves 30 minutes of driving.  Was so fast I did not realize we had left the dock until we were almost on the other side.  Cost $2.25 with a ticket from the B&B we stayed at.

One of the places that Madonna, our friend from Cleveland, wanted to visit was Gampo Abbey in Cape Breton.  It is a Buddhist monastery. A very nice tour one sunny afternoon.

last picture, he is Joy and Madonna having an afternoon drink on the deck of the beach cottage we stayed at for two nights in Inverness, Cape Breton.

This was a great trip for us to have a chance to see parts of Canada we had never gone to.

Pretty sure we will be back some time in the future, perhaps with High Spirits.


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