Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fishing Adventure

Wednesday, the 8th, was sunny and warm, just right for heading out for a fishing trip in the Gulf of St Lawrence, for three hours of fishing for mackerel and cod. We had happened upon several fishing captains last night, exploring around N Rustico harbor, so I walked down the hill for an 8 am launch. There were thirteen others, with several families, all from Canada, the captain, and one crew. They go out 3 times a day, every good day, and know what they are doing and where the fish were. Of course, I only catch fish when someone hands me the rod, baited, and takes me to the best spots, and this was no different.

We all caught mackerel in about 40 feet, enough to have for supper and use for bait for the cod, which were a bit farther out in 100 feet. There were so many, that as soon as you put in your line and jigged a few times, a fish or two were on the line, some caught the hook, but some the hook caught the fish, in the head, in the back. There had to be schools of thousands of mackeral below. For the cod we had to be more patient. I caught several, but below the 17 inch minimum, but luckily many caught the larger cod and with 20 the boat limit, we came back with 19.  This time, all fish were quickly cleaned and packaged. We have 6 foil packets of fish to throw on the grill at our motel this evening.

After fishing, Joe  picked me up, we made sandwiches at the motel, and headed to Cavendish, the family home that Lucy Maud Montgomery visited as a child, and based her classics novel, Anne of Green Gables on. It is part of PEI National Park, which we plan to explore in more detail tomorrow. I don't remember reading the novel as a child, but we did see the first movie in a series when visiting my college friend, Lisa and Steven in Bremen, ME, this summer. Now I am interested in trying to download the book. The house is open for touring and typical of a home in the late 1800's.

Before returnng to the motel for our fish dinner, we rode throught the town of New London and had to take a picture.  On our drive through New Brunswick, we drove through Melrose and the next town of Malden. I grew up in Melrose, MA and Malden was next door.

Back at the motel, we shared our fish with a couple from Quebec, whose English was fairly good and had fun learning more about the Canadian country, and bilingual issues. There is lots  of fish left for breakfast, with mackerel  being the favorite of three of us. 

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