Thursday, August 9, 2012

No High Tea for Us

I will explain the title later. Today was a trip to Brackley Beach, think I have the correct spelling.
Actually I am outside to get the better Internet connection, but now it has started to rain, but I am under the overhang.

This morning we slept late, like about 8:30 for Joe.  Finally got going and drove to the PEI National Park which costs $15.60/day or $40 for a week.  We went to a great beach with our picnic lunch.
More and more people came during the day, but we took two pictures to show you the high sand dunes and how red the clay is.  It is packed with iron oxide.

The high tide was shortly after we arrived so most of the time we were there it was going out

So now onto the title explanation. We were told by people we met earlier on the tour to make sure you go to High Tea at the Delvay Hotel in the National Park. So off we drove to the hotel after spending time on the beach.

HOWEVER, they cancelled High Tea for today.  Joy was really bummed out as she was really looking forward to having bread pudding with her tea.  It is the same menu we had in Cornwall, England a few years ago.

What was interesting in retrospect was that this is the hotel that Prince William and Duchess Catherine visited on their trip to PEI in July 2011.  It was a MAJOR deal for this part of PEI.  In fact they had a large scrapbook with pictures, newspaper clippings, etc about the visit. On the hotel grounds is where they had the dragonboat race and William did his helicopter landings. There were
2,400 guests on the grounds. 

With all this in mind, we are making a special trip back to Delvay Hotel on Saturday afternoon.

The house was built in 1896 for a family from Cincinnati, Ohio then turned into a hotel later.


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