Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Animals and a Boat Ride

Still in New London, but leaving today, Wed, August 1.  Be back on High Spirits tonight in SW Harbor.  Plan is to explore Acadia National Park for a couple of days and then head up to Canada for that part of our summer adventure.

First, I have posted some pictures to the previous blog that had not been posted when I wrote it.

So yesterday we took Erin and Adam to Earlene and  Bill's "One Acre Farm" in Springfield, NH
They have three horses, three chickens and one goat.  The kids loved being there.

Then after visiting the farm animals, Bill took us out for a ride on their lake in their pontoon boat.
Very nice afternoon.

Back to the house for a nap for Adam. Then off  to a picnic dinner down at the lake with Clair and her parents, Teresa and Paul Jackson. The Jacksons have been renting the rental side of New London since Feb 1. Looks like they are going to stay until next summer at least. They are expecting their second child in November.


Here is a picture of the grandkids and one of Earlene's chickens.

Erin on the boat ride with Lola, the dog(Earlene's granddaughter's dog)

Here is blue faced Clair.

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