Friday, March 25, 2011

Cape Eleuthera

Well we sailed over to Cape Eleuthera from Norman's Cay. Normans cay as the home of Carlos Ledher and was his drug import headquarters. Very famous place.Was raided by he DEA,FBI and Coast Guard and closed down. He is in jail at a Federal SuperMax
facility in he US for life.

We have a picture of the famous DC3 which crashed in the inlet.

Due to technical difficulties, there will be no pictures on this blog until we get
to a better Internet site. all the pictures are on the new ACER computer, but the Internet here at Cape Eleuthera is locked onto the Sony computer and I have yet to figure out how to log off the Sony from the one day account we paid for when we got here.

Motored over today. Joy caught a barracuda and traded it on the shore for two conchs to make conch salad for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are heading to Rocksound Harbor to catch up with some friends. We did get a chance to talk to Alex and Faune who are going in the opposite directions.Perhaps we will catch up with them in the Abacos.


Saturday, March 26

Technical difficulties have been resolved and we now have pictures for this posting.

One is the sunset at Norman's Cay, one is Joy sitting under a palm tree at a tiny little
island at Norman's Cay. We motored over to it in the dinghy, it is just a hunk of rock and sand that gets bigger at low tide. Then we have the picture of the sunken plane, and a picture of Joy and the American flag.

After breakfast this morning, we are headed into Rock Sound for the weekend. Have some boat items to take care off, need to fill the diesel cans, get some washers for a part, and look for a propane refill station. Used one of the 11 pound tanks, lasted almost 6 months. The diesel here was on a high speed pumping system and the nozzle was too large for our diesel cans.


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