Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hello from the Hospital Ship High Spirits.

As I write this, our friend, Roy, the single sailor from Marathon, Fl, is resting comfortably in the front cabin. Roy has a viral infection that has kept him from eating and keeping down any food for the past three days.

Roy had stayed behind at Waderick Wells Cay, and last night called out an emergency message on Channel 16 at 4 am. This was heard by some boaters who alerted the nurse at the Clinic here on Staniel Cay. They went out in a speed boat and picked him up off his boat and brought him to Staniel.

Gave him some IVs and other drugs but the nurse, Karen, wanted him to rest at the dock. We offered High Spirits as we were on the dock and had the front cabin free now that Nick and Sue had left. So Roy is sleeping in the front as I write this.
He is an old time ship captain, worked in the marine industry all of his working career and drove 185 foot boats down in the Gulf of Mexico delivering supplies to the oil rigs. boats

We took a short boat ride over to see the swimming pigs but they were not there.

Looks like we will be leaving Staniel on Thursday. Two of our boater friends brought their boats over today, so that makes 3 boats at the dock, and 4 boats at the anchorage on the other side of Big Majors Island.

We are thinking of going two more stops south, and then time to turn around to head up to the Abacos.


PS Picture of Sue Buehler - latest in Tea Party Eye Wear!

Picture of the Staniel Cay Yacht Club sign and the sunset off Staniel Cay on March 15 2011

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