Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nassau Arrival

Picture #1- group at Frazer Hog visiting outside bar
#2- anchorage at Fraser Hog
#3- sunrise on the Banks

So much to fill in here as we have been out of touch of the internet for 5 days, leaving Bimini to cross the Bahama Banks over 2 days and then a three day stay in Frazer Hog Cay where internet was $10 per hour. Needless to say, we fore go it at that price. Our trip worked out well with about 6 boats leaving Bimini together and stopping at night on the banks to sleep. We were literally out there with no land in sight in 15 feet of water under the starlit magnificent sky. We chose a good weather window so that the seas where about 1 foot- a little rocky but not bad for sleeping. The next morning we sailed to Frazer Hog, part of the Berry Island chain. There was very little there except for a mooring field and house which had a bar and food if you gave two hours notice. We dinghied to a beach and hunted for conch and did some water exercise. We had to stay three days due to windy conditions outside of our anchorage. From there we had a thirty five mile run to Nassau over the Tongue of the Ocean, 8000 feet deep, amazing.

I am sitting in Starbucks connected to the internet, as this is one of the few places near our marina with wifi. When you buy something you get an hour use. What a business they do! We are in Nassau through the weekend which suits us fine as Nick and Sue fly in on Sunday. The weather is also keeping us here as a northerly blow from the US made it this far south and we awoke to a little rain, but mostly strong north winds which are forecast for the next 4 days, making it uncomfortable to travel from here to the Exumas.

Nassau is one huge traffic jam. I will include some pictures tomorrow that we took today as we traveled by bus to the center of town to go to the straw market. The straw market is full of vendors, mostly women selling Couch purse knock-offs, straw bags, jewelry,etc. It was a little uncomfortable, because everyone wants you to buy something as it is there livelihood. Of course, there were lots of tourists as 4 cruise ships are in town today. Tonight a group is off to the Casino at Paradise Island, a super glitzy resort. I probably wouldn't make Nassau a destination, but it is fun to be here with a group of sailors.


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