Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Warderick Cay Park - Second visit

We are at Warderick Cay Exuma Lake Park for the second time. We stopped here with Nick and Sue exactly two weeks ago. We are hoping to find our friends, Alex and Faune, who are coming across from Eleuthera to go south in the Exumas. We are going to cross over to Eleuthera on either Friday or Saturday. Hoping they will answer our radio calls in the next day or so.

On the last day we were at Black Point, we took the dinghy over to a little island where we found a beautiful beach all to ourselves, but just for a short while. All of a sudden, igunas started coming out of the brush and going straight for us. They thought we had food or perhaps they thought we WERE the food. They come at you, then stop and stare, and then move forward again. We finally left of chairs and went into the water. Then a large Hatteras yacht, 72 feet, shows up with two families. The igunas left us and went after them.

Had a great time with our boater friends at kind of a say goodbye dinner at Black Point Settlement. We had a feast at Lorraine's Cafe. Picture of Joy and Lorraine. For our group of 17 plus several other people who showed up we had: rice and peas, cracked conch, grouper fingers, cracked lobster, chicken, ribs, potato salad, macaroni and desert. Total cost was 16per person plus extra for drinks. Plus she also passed around coconut fried shrimp, of course I could not have any but everybody else was very happy. Actually met another shrimp allergic person there.Cracked meas breaded and deep fried.

Black Point Settlement is my favorite place in the Exunmas because it is a small Bahamian town, no yacht club, no big houses owned by rich tourists, and no tourists other than boaters. There are a few small rental cottages. Black Point has 3 nice restaurants, one grocery store, 3 churches, one laundry place which also cuts hair, and very friendly people. I stopped by the school and talked to the principal.

Joy is up on the deck doing yoga exercises. Can not go in the water now at 5 pm as the sharks come into the anchorage area to eat at this time of the day. Sue and Nick - we are in the North Mooring field, not Emerald Rock field.

So what I have learned about myself over the past couple of weeks. First of all, I enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas both in the scenery and the people of the Bahamas we have meet over the past 3 weeks. I also learned that I do not have to do daring stuff to have fun. Joy and I both agreed today not to go to a certain anchorage without another boat that knew more about the area. The last thing we want to do is to get grounded on some coral. There is no
boat towing operation around here like in the States.

Also learning to slow down and not worry so much about travel plans and planning too far ahead. Just thinking about the next day or two at the most. Of course we are still reading all the chart and map books.

We most likely will not leave for the States until May 10 or so. Too many new places to visit, people to travel with and no real reason to rush.


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