Sunday, March 6, 2011

Waiting for Sue and Nick

Today is Sunday, March 6. Waiting for Sue and Nick to arrive from Florida. The flight is less than an hour

Last night was Bill and Kathy last night with us as they left this morning for Elutherra. The rest of the pack is going to the Exumas. In honor of all they help they have been over the past weeks, we took them out to dinner to Alwack Cay, a kind of
giant food court on the west side of Nassau. There are about 20 restaurants in a row in this park along the water. People come from all over and off the cruise ships to have dinner and just walk around.

A local Church, St. Celias, was having their annual picnic in the park next to the
restaurants, so we went over after dinner to watch the little kids dancing to the DJ.
By the way, we had a delicious meal of group prepared in a foil packet with onions, tomatoes, plantains, and green peppers(none for me). It was one of the best fish dishes I have had on this trip.

Today Joy climbed up the mast to fix our Bahamas courtesy flag. Unfortunately I did not have the battery in the camera at the time, and did not get a picture nor would she wait for me to get the camera. She did a great job climbing up to the spreader.

Have to run to a map meeting about our trip to the Exumas tomorrow


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