Friday, March 4, 2011


Today is a lazy day for me in Nassau. Washed a batch of clothes while Joy went with some fellow boaters to the fabric store and to the produce market. Potters Cay is under the two bridges that go over to Atlantis and Paradise Island.

We have been busy. The other night 12 of us got in cab and went over to see the Aquarium at Atlanis. It is something else. It took about an hour to go through the entire aquarium. You are about 20 feet under the water surface and there are hundreds of different fishes, ells, rays, etc to see. Plus the inside walking area is done in a motif of the ancient ciy of Alantis. Of course we forgot the camera but I do plan on taking Nick and Sue there Sunday night afer they arrive in the late afernoon. You can go in for free after 5 pm, otherwise it is $39/person.

I broke even at the Atlantis casino, Joy lost $60 on the slot machines. One couple won $275 playing 3 card poker.Everybody else lost a little.

Last night the local megayacht at our marina, At Last is its name, through a party on the pool deck. Will load some pictures later as they are on the Acer computer, I am using the Sony to write this. We all had a good time. Picture of some of the boaters we have been sailing with.

Tonight is a 5 pm book exchange and sundown party on the pool deck.


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