Friday, May 13, 2011

High Spirits - Ft.Pierce,FL

Hello Everybody

A lot has happened since the last posting. We sailed back from Great Sail Cay with about 15 boats overnight and ended up in Fr. Pierce, FL. Having some boat repair work while we are here.

Joy took off to Hyatsville, MD to visit Jen, Mark, Erin and Adam as well as a visit to Baltimore to see Josh and Rachel. Joy had a delightful 5 days with them. I flew up to my Exeter 45th Class of 1966 Reunion and had a great time seeing a lot of my old classmates.I also was able to go up to the house in New London, had to get some clothes to wear to the Reunion.

We returned to FL on Tuesday, May 10. While we were gone we had some major and minor boat work done by Whiticar Boat North. High Spirits got a new heat exchanger, had the engine aligned, new valves in the forward head, found the reason for the odors in the front head, new red/green deck running lights, and a few other minor stuff. Have not gotten the bill yet, but I am sure it will be fair.

So while High Spirits is in Ft. Pierce, Joy and Joe are in Stuart, FL living in one of Sally's friends house. Sally and Manny are moving soon so we are helping them out. Also Joy chipped a front cap, so that has to be replaced on Thursday, May 19.I finally was able to get some physical therapy for my left shoulder and will have four sessions and a list of exercises to do after we leave. Shooting to leave on Saturday, May 21. Gives us 10 days to get out of Florida for insurance purposed. Should be no problem.Might even go outside to save time and struggling through the ICW in Georgia where there is always a water depth issue on the ICW.

So that is an update. Sorry no new pictures today, perhaps some tomorrow


ps We have a car and may drive up to watch the shuttle launch on Monday, May 16

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