Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stayed overnight in Daytona Beach

Well yesterday was an interesting day on High Spirits. We were coming up to Daytona Beach to have dinner with Rob and BG Pepper. Rob went to Exeter with me and also to MIT and also in Course 16 - Aero & Astro. I reconnected with Rob at our 45th class reunion.

Well shortly after lunch I became quite, kind of spacy and start shaking.
Turns out I had a 102.7 degree fever, which is well over my normal 96.5 o 97
degree temperature. So we had to cancel dinner. I went to the back of the boat and basically slept for 12 hours. Joy called Josh and he had a bunch of questions about my condition.

I am almost back to normal and feeling much better. Temp is down to 99.

So then today instead of motoring up to St. Augustine we decided to stay in Dayton Beach and picked up a slip at a very nice marina. Joy took the afternoon and went on the Beachside Trolley and found a chair on the beach.

I slept and also walked around the marina, I found the captain's lounge, a long walk from our dock. Perhaps I will wander over there tonight and watch the final episode of GLEE.

Tomorrow is is on to St.Augustine.


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