Saturday, May 21, 2011

High Spirits - Sea Trial

Well today was the sea trial for all the repairs done here at Whiticar Boat Yard.
I would give a 95% grade, everything worked properly except the new cap on the overflow tank for the cooling system was leaking at certain RPM, mainly our cruising speed of 2200 RPM.

Howie from the yard went out with us and he checked over all the systems while Joe was driving and Joy was watching Howie. So either tomorrow or Thursday, they most likely will pull the overflow tank out of the boat and give it a pressure test.

Had another physical therapy session on the left shoulder and right hip. Not as painful as the session last week. Two more sessions on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow we are headed up to Kissimee to visit with Linda and Francis Miko plus Sophie the wonder dog. Linda is still recovering from getting hit by a car, while walking Sophie.

Plans are to leave Ft. Pierce on Saturday/Sunday and start moving north as fast as possible. Need to get to a major city so Joy can fly out on June 3rd for her Simmons College reunion.


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