Saturday, May 21, 2011

High Spirits sailing north


Well, High Spirits passed the coolant pressure test yesterday, so we left today, Sat. May 21 and started motoring north. We got past Melbourne, and tomorrow we have a short run to Titusville. Going to met Joy's former co worker, Anna from Cleveland Cleveland Clinic, for dinner on Tuesday evening.

I have been having trouble with Blogger and have two writings stuck in the edit mode and will not post to the site. Hopefully this one does.

Had a great time with Sally and Manny down in Stuart, we were driving down from Ft. Pierce and staying at their friend's, Chris, house.

Joy is making her plane reservations for Simmons reunion, June 3-5. She will be flying out of Charleston, SC, so we have to be there by June 2. Should be able to make it with no problems as long as the weather does not get ugly. We are going to go offshore from the top of Florida over to Charleston. It is a 30 hour sail, we just did a 19 hour one from the Bahamas and it was not too bad.

Posting a variety of pictures. The pictures of what looks like pastry is actually pastry for DOGS. Found this doggy bakery in Kissimee when we had lunch with Linda and Francis Miko plus Sophie.

Bye for now


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