Monday, May 16, 2011

Repairs are Done

Well today is May 16, Monday, about 2pm. This morning we went to the second to the last space shuttle launch at 8:56 am. Because of the cloud layers, we only saw about the first 10 seconds of the flight but it was very impressive. Attached are some pictures of the launch plus the crowds of people at this state park that we found on US 1.

We had gone down to Melody's house yesterday after they came up to see Sally and Manny's new house. The new house is about 95% complete.They should be moving in soon. We all had lunch together and then we went down to Vero Beach to stay over night with Melody and Hank. Melody looks great, she ad quad bypass heart surgery last month along with a left side carotid artery clean out. She is back to playing bridge again, and just got back from a week's vacation in Aruba.

Tim has finished all the repairs on High Spirits and tomorrow morning is a sea trial to make sure everything is working. The plan is to leave Ft. Pierce on Saturday, weather permitting, and start heading up north.

Wednesday we are having dinner with Francis and Lindo Miko along with Sophie their dog. Linda is recovering from being struck by a car while walking Sophie. She was badly bruised but no broken bones.

So that is it for now. More after the sea trial.


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