Friday, May 27, 2011

Travelling North out of Florida

.Hello Everybody

We are travelling north and just left St. Augustine early on Friday, May 27 to travel 61 miles to Fernandina, Fl. Fernandina is the last stop on the ICW in Florida.  From there we have to make a choice regarding getting Joy to Charleston, SC before next Friday so she can go to her reunion.

choice 1)  go outside, and sail from Fernandina to Charleston, SC.  165 miles but depends on the ocean conditions in terms of storms, wind direction, and wave heights.  Storms are forecast for the weekend.  This is a 29 hours sail, ie overnight.

choice 2) out outside to Brunswick, 50 miles, need good outside conditions. Park boat in Brunswick, rent a car and drive up to Charleston.  It is a 3 hours drive. Drive up on Thursday afternoon, stay overnight in Charleston.

choice 3)  continue up ICW, most likely only to Brunswick. Issues: not affected by bad ocean conditions, still might have thunderstorms, lots of bugs.  thin water on ICW, so have to go through areas at mid to high tides. Not sure as of today what tide times are.  Joy does not want to go this way again, we did it coming down.  Slow and nervous.

So that is that.

Been trying to load pictures lately,not much luck.  I have attached a picture of a float plane that landed right in front of us on the ICW.

The British returned control of St. Augustine to the .Spanish as part of the Treaty of Paris  1783.  The Spanish did not come back.  About 600-700 indentured servants (from Greece and other islands in the Mediterranean) working for this British plantation owner ( Indigo plants) decided to stay and their descendants are still the base of St. Augustine. That is why it is a very European community. 

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