Saturday, November 15, 2014

It is Cold Outside

Last night in Georgetown, SC the temperature got down to 31 degrees F. and it was cold in the boat.
We even ran the diesel heater as well as the electric heater.

This morning we left Georgetown and headed to Isle of Palms Marina, about 15 miles from Charleston.  We and our travelling boat, Merlin, decided not to risk having to dock after the dock hands had gone home and in the dark.

So tomorrow will be an easier travel but we still have to watch the tide times as we are in a part of the country where at low tide you might only have 3 feet of water.

It was cold today and here is an example of what we were wearing.  I had on long johns, tops and bottoms, two sweaters and my rain jacket.  Joy was dressed in even more layers

Had a drink before dinner on Merlin, boat travelling with us.  Sue and Mark are on the right side of the picture.  The other couple is also on a boat named Merlin. 

Tomorrow it off to Charleston for three nights and even more repair work.  More later


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