Sunday, November 9, 2014

Old and New Friends

We are the ICW near Camp Lejune listening to the exercises in the distance. The Marines are having live fire exercises, and in fact the ICW was closed for 5 hours today, 12 noon to 5 pm. Because of that we got up early, left early and got to our stopping place by 9:30 am this morning.
Stopped at Swans Point Marina in Snead's Ferry, NC.  Sneads is a little fishing village where a lot of enlisted Marines live because it is cheaper than other towns.

But last night we were in Swansboro, NC in the midst of two big celebrations. The first one was a fishing tournament hosted by the high school boosters group that was centered around the marina we were staying at;  Casper's Marina.  There must have been 40 fishing boats pulling in with their catches.

A short 5 minute walk to the center of town was the annual Christmas lighting at 6 pm. Walked down with some new friends,  Mark and Sue on Merlin, and Herb and Nancy on Still Crazy.  Here is a picture of the downtown party.

So this morning we all left, they all went to Wrightsville Beach but we stopped early at Swans Point Marina in Snead's Ferry to visit with Paul and Carol Cook, old friends from our Bahama venture of 4 year ago.  We met in Feb 2011 in Black Point Settlement and having been keeping in touch.

First a picture of a guy who lives on board at the marina. He has a unique assortment of stuff outside his point on his dock

Paul and Carol are working on their boat to head to the Caribbean Island this December. Here is a selfie that Joy took of us tonight at dinner at the house in Topsail Beach, NC,  town next to Snead's Ferry

And finally here is a picture of the two pairs of gloves that Joy bought today in Topsail Beach, NC for the grand total of $4.86 for both pairs.  She forgot her gloves in New London.

Well, time to get some sleep, up tomorrow at 6 am as we have 50+miles to go to Carolina Beach State mooring field.


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