Friday, November 14, 2014

Return to Aunny's Restaurant, Georgetown, SC

It is going to hit 31 degrees F tonight, one of the colder nights in this part of the country.

We are in Georgetown, SC staying at Harbor Walk Marina, It is very cold today

The highlight of this place was our visit to Aunny's Restaurant, she makes great fried chicken.  Aunny's mother, Mama Jane, takes the orders and Aunny cooks them up.
Picture of Joy and Mama Jane

Tonight we had a visit from Mary on Nature's Call, the local pump out boat.  Mary operates under a grant to pump out boats all over this part of South Carolina.  She had her dog, Coco, showed up about 5 pm, did they stuff and then Mary stayed for dinner.  Picture of one of her two pump out boats

This is also a place where the shrimp boats hang out and bring their catches back to the wholesaler. Estimated that there were 20 shrimpers in port tonight.
Going to bed early tonight. Getting up at 5:45 am so we can leave around 6:15 am to get all the way to Charleston, a trip of about 65 miles.  Should take us about 10 hours unless we get a bad tide.

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