Saturday, November 22, 2014

St Augustine - Mooring Field

After several days of travelling including a 31 hour overnight we have arrived in the St. Augustine Mooring Field, at the very last mooring ball.  Tonight is the Christmas lighting, over 3 million lights in the downtown area.  Should be something

So a couple of things that happened over the last week.  First of all we ended up getting a new hot water heater installed.  See picture below of where it sits, empty waiting for new heater

It was installed in Charleston, SC by a plumber that we met the previous day in Georgetown.  He works in the town next to Charleston, Mt Pleasant so it was an easy ride for him
Also in Charleston, four of us, Joe, Joy, Charlie and Jane( they are on Ibis- a Tartan 40) went to see Interstellar in IMAX format at the local movie mall.  Almost got lost in the fog, but Jane had her Iphone to guide us there
Before leaving Charleston, we had some more work done on the boat by Matt, from Superior Diesel, a VOLVO dealer. We have had a persistent fuel leak as well as antifreeze leaking.  He found the leaks and pointed out that we need to replace the two antifreeze lines coming off the engine that go to the hot water heater.

We finally left Charleston at 8 am, got a big push going out of the harbor, see picture of speed

9.2 knots is one of our faster speeds.

The overnight conditions were great, not much waves, 2 feet or so, and winds about 10 mph.  We got about 4 hours of sailing without the motor but the remaining 27 hours were under power.  Joy got a good shot of sunset.  The farthest we were off shore was 22 miles.

So today in St Augustine is wash clothes day, eat at the local Polish-Greek restaurant for lunch, to go church at the oldest Catholic church in North America, 1565, see the Christmas lighting and head back to the boat for dinner.


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