Friday, November 28, 2014

Last night in St. Augustine

We returned to St. Augustine after a four day vacation from High Spirits visiting Sally and Manny at their home in Stuart.  Had a great Thanksgiving dinner at Melody's house(she is Joy and Sally's stepmother. Married to their father, Robert for 20 years).

A short 3+hour car ride back to St. Augustine, and a shopping trip to the grocery left us with 10 bags plus all our clothes to load into the 4 pm tender run out to Mooring #1.  We moved from the last mooring ball in the field to the closest one before we left.

Got the dinghy put together, went back to shore to see the lights and have dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant. It is interesting here as all the tourist are at one side of town, with 45 minute waits to eat, while there are 4 very nice restaurants at the oldest part of town near the marina with no waiting lines.

Picture of  Cathedral Square with all the lights on.

Leave tomorrow at 11 am to ride the tide into Marineland.  One of Yesterday's Dream(Steve and Linda Franko's) favorite places.

Trying to make Titusville or Cocoa Beach for the Dec 4 launch of the Orion spacecraft.

Probably  need to make a reservation.


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