Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marineland, FL

Here we are in Marineland, FL.  Probably the small town in FL, recent population is a count of 10.

This is an actual town that was really big a long time ago when Marineland was started in the 30's by the movie picture industry to shoot underwater films.  Sea Hunt with Lloyd Bridges also was shot here.  The were dolphin shows and other attractions. In fact, 300,000 people a year stopped in, the second largest attraction on the east Coast of Fl after Miami

We are in the marina, has about docks for 20 boats. Be here until tomorrow, have to go out at half tide as the water is a little skinny at low tide,

that is Joy on High Spirits.  Washing down the deck. We are going on a beach walk shortly

They also have a Farmer's Market here every Sunday from 10-2 pm.  Plus live music

About a dozen stands selling everything from fresh fruit to dog matts.

The hat shop

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