Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bridges, bridges, and more bridges....

This part of the ICW in Florida is populated by bridges, every 1 to 3 miles, all with different bridge openings, staggered to hopefully eliminate long wait times for openings. We left Palm Beach Gardens and successfully (no engine problems) made it to Lantana, about 30 miles and 7 bridges in 5 hours. One of the bridges had mechanical problems, so when we arrived at that bridge we had to anchor until repairs were finished. Luckily for us it was about 10 minutes, as another boat had been waiting there at anchor much longer. This area is also very populated with many homes and large yachts along the waterway.

With the snow and frigid temperatures up North, it is not surprising that today was cool and blustery. We are sitting here at anchor with the wind howling outside, but are relatively warm and cozy inside. We dinghied ashore to explore the little town with several cute small pastel-colored shops and restaurants. We ate at the Old Key Lime, oldest waterfront restaurant in Florida, which went through serious rebuilding in 2005 after one of the hurricanes came through. The new roof of palms and wood, modeled after a Seminole Indian hut and built to withstand 130 mph winds, was designed by a Seminole Indian representative. Great history!

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