Friday, January 28, 2011

Sailing, peacocks, and banyan trees

We awoke this morning to the sight of a hundred or more sailboats headed out in Biscayne Bay for part of the World Cup racing, from Lasers to wind surfers passing by our boat. What a beautiful sight to see. The wind surfers were like butterflies, just flying across the anchorage. The wind was cooperating with a good 15 knot breeze this morning.

After spending the morning doing boat chores, we dinghied ashore to spend some time exploring Coconut Grove, small artsy town, just south of Miami, where Dinner Key is located. Those of you from Cleveland remember the guitars on several street corners, painted by local artists, and last year in New London, NH, there were Gnus. Here in Coconut Grove, there are peacocks, painted by local artists and then auctioned off to local businesses as a fund raiser. I have included a couple of the peacocks. The park near the marina is called Peacock Park, but I haven't seen any live peacocks yet.

Walking along the Main St there were these fantastic Banyan trees with roots that grow everywhere, including in the stone walls. I couldn't help but think that Swiss Family Robinson built their house in a tree like these. I had to call my sister, Sally, to get the name of the tree, so hopefully, I have the right name. By the way, the first time I was in Coconut Grove was in the mid-80's. Sally had just moved from Albany, NY to go to school at Florida International University and she was renting a house here. I never thought that I would be back decades later with our own boat in the Bay.


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