Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Windy Weather in Hollywood

Well today we woke up to winds. Winds so strong that we had a change of plans. We had planned on motoring back north to go up the New River to visit Alex and Faune in Ft. Lauderdale at Cooney's Landing Marina.

The long and short of it was that we decided that the wind was too strong to risk taking High Spirits out of its dock space as the fairway was very narrow, the wind was blowing against the wrong side of the boat. We would have had to back out and turn against the wind in a narrow space. So we rented a car and went to visit Alex and Faune via automobile.

A short 25 minute drive and we were there on their boat versus a 4-5 hour boat ride.
Picture of Faune in their huge galley. After some drinks and snacks we walked down the Ft. Lauderdale River Walk. Alex remarked how empty the entire area was. When they were here 4 years ago, there was hundreds of people going to bars, restaurant, etc. Now it was a ghost town tonight.

When we arrived at 4 pm or so, we watched this huge megayacht, probably 150 fee long, get moved around Sailpoint Bend by two Tow Boat US tugs. The tugs were both in front and behind this yacht. It was interesting to watch. Hard to get the feel for the size of the boat except to say the tugs were about 30 feet long.


PS Tomorrow we tackle the job of changing the primary and secondary diesel fuel filters.

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