Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, we are back writing about High Spirits and our adventures both past and future.
We returned from visiting our children and grandchildren, along with siblings over a three week period. We travelled by truck and car from Florida to DC and Baltimore, then over to Cleveland, Ohio for Christmas, back to DC for Jen's 37th birthday and back to Stuart, Fl.

Well, back in Stuart, FL at the Hinckley boat yard we found out that we have some repair issues that were not on our list for winter projects. Our three anodes on the propeller shaft were eaten up but not the main anode. This leads us to believe that we some loose wiring in the boat which means they have to test out all the ground wires that lead to the main anode. I see serious extra dollars sign in my eyeballs. However this has to be done other wise the boat could suffer some serious damage.

Joe is going over to the yard tomorrow to help/watch the guys working on the wiring. In addition, we are having our stuffing box repacked, a broken motor mount fixed and a small leak in our fuel pump corrected. All in hopefully one weeks time.
Forgot about the rust on the iron keel that is to be ground out and repainted.

Certainly in better shape that some of our friends, one set is on the hard for the past 6 weeks up in St. Augustine as they had some serious propeller/rudder issues to deal with.

More later, with pictures. We are back in business


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  1. Hi, spirits, Hope your repairs are past history soon and you can get to the Bahamas with wild tales to tell. Take care and don't get discouraged. Glad you could see family and friends. We had 2 weeks in Seattle, and now I am going to Philly for a week. Some snow but turned icy. Will try to follow your journey closer now that we have our laptop. I will also send stuff to the gang that you send me. Love, Kathy & Bill