Friday, January 14, 2011

Madonna sighting in Stuart, FL!

Today Madonna was sighted in Stuart, FL. Her publicist informed us that she would be arriving at West Palm Beach shortly before noon and we had better be there to welcome her to Florida. By the way, not Madonna the Material Girl, but Madonna the Lactation consultant, friend of Joy's for about 18 years.

We picked her up and took her to lunch at Harry the Natives in Hobe Sound. Picture of Joy and Madonna outside of Harry's along with one of their most famous sighs. The quote hangs over the front door.

Spent the day just hanging out, shopping for some oil for the outboard engine, and Joy and Madonna going grocery shopping.

Linda and Francis Miko joined us for dinner tonight. Note the special CVS designer glasses on Francis.

Tomorrow I am going to the Stuart boat show while the ladies are going to an art show in Jensen Beach, just north of our marina.

We plan on leaving Stuart on Sunday, weather permitting. Heading south towards West Palm beach area for a week. Then at the end of the month down to Miami area.


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  1. So glad to hear Madonna is with you all. Have a great visit and wonderful sailing!