Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two Days - Jan 19 & 20

A lot happened over the past two days. Joy said I should write one blog for both the odd day and the even day. So here goes

Wed Jan 19 - we went to the South Florida Fair about a 25 minute drive south of Palm Beach Garden. Got there about 12 noon. Saw several exhibits, had lunch, and then I got a phone call from JAS Marine. Our parts had come in, so I left Joy and Madonna at the fair, drove back to the boat. Repairs took about 3 hours.

Basically, they replaced all the O rings in our cooling system. He took the entire thing apart and replaced the rings, and put it back together. We started up the engine, could not find any leaks, but the true test will be when we leave either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

When I got back, I found Joy and Madonna sitting the the MOOTERNITY Tent, waiting for a cow to have her calf that afternoon. I think that out of the 10 hours we were there, we spent at least four watching this cow and another cow and her calf that was born before the fair opened. We had to leave at 10 pm when the fair closed.

Thursday- Jan 20

We spent the afternoon at the Juno Beach which was very nice and clean. It is right behind the Marine Turtle operation.In fact we think that Erin would like it a lot, and we might come down from Sally's for a day at the turtle place and the beach. I spent the morning before the beach shopping for more antifreeze, a visit to CVS, and also a visit to the local Verizon store.

We were told over the phone that there were no Veizon plans above 5 gigabits of data for our modem card. A Netflix movie is 800 megabytes long, and that at 5 cents per megabyte, a movie could cost $40. So since our wifi card stopped working, the Verizon guy solved the problem, and found us a 10 gigabyte plan for only $10 more that we are paying now.

Went to dinner at Guanabanas in Jupiter. Very interesting place, lots of palm trees. Atmosphere is a tropical island.

Taking Madonna to the airport tomorrow, she flies out at 12:30 pm. Then it will be just the two of us. It was great having her here. If anyone out there wants to come for a cruise, just let us know.


PS Picture explanations. Joy forgot to take her camera to the Marine turtle place so I shot a picture of the Loggerhead poster in the office.

Joy and Madonna sat in these foot vibrator chairs at the fair. I also tried it, and it was pretty intense.

At the fair they have a food booth that takes a Krisy Kreme doughtnut, cut it in half and put a cheesburger in it. They use the doughnut as the hamburger bun.

Picture of one of the cows and her new calf. Note that calf is nursing, just what two lacations consultants love to see.

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