Monday, January 24, 2011

If its Sunday, it must be Pompano & Family

I am writing this early Monday morning to record events of Sunday, Jan 23(an odd day
so it is my turn to write).

We started off on an easy cruise down the ICW, easy in the terms of only going about 25 miles but we had 9 bridges to pass under. The majority of the bridges are on schedules and some of them on upon request. They have the scheduled bridges timed to open at staggered times so you do not have to wait too long if you get into the flow of the openings. The request bridges are a little different. You just call them and request an opening.

The only semi scary thing about the bridges is timing your approach so you do not get too close in case there is a bridge malfunction. You do not want to be too far away as that takes longer for the bridge to cycle, but it would be much worse to get pinned against the bridge if it does not open. There can be 2-3 knot current pushing as along even coasting,so several times we had to circle.

The family activity yesterday was dinner with Marsha and Steve. Marsha is Joy's second cousin on Gabe's side of the family. I had already mentioned them in the past but decided to include a picture of Joy and Marty( her nickname).

They took us to a delightful Italian restaurant in the next town north of Pompano. Along the way we drove past our time share place, La Costa Beach Club. We still have this one week in June, tried to sell it but no luck. Perhaps we will keep it.If anyone wants to use it is the first or second week of June, Sat to Sat.

The other items we noticed yesterday: BIG HOUSES and BIG YACHTS. It is something else to see a 110 foot yacht parked outside a 5,000 square foot mansion on the ICW with perfectly cut grass, a pool, and kids play equipment. I have to wonder where all this money comes from. And there is still new construction going on along the ICW.

Way too much house for two people to live in, it is not our cup of tea.

Today we are either going to Loggerhead in Hollywood or a one day delay to the New River in Ft. Lauderdale. Kind of depends on the weather over the next couple of days and availability of a spot at the Municipal Marina in Ft. Lauderdale.

Jen and family arrive this upcoming weekend.


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