Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jen, Mark, Erin and Adam

Well we took a couple of days off the boat to visit with Jen and her family. They flew down to Florida, first stop was Vero Beach to visit Melody and Hank. Melody was married to Robert Gabriel, Joy's father, for 20 years. So Melody is a grandmother that our kids grew up with. They enjoyed the pool, it was 76 degrees. Fine for Erin and Adam, a little cold for Melody. After two nights here, we met for lunch on Sunday, and drove them down to Stuart where Sally and Manny live.

Had two great days with Sally and Manny featuring a visit to the Loggerhead Marine Center in Juno Beach where injured sea turtles are cared for plus a nice afternoon on Juno Beach. See attached photos for turtles and beach activities.

However all good vacations have to end so Tuesday afternoon it was off to the airport in two cars ( not enough room for the bags in the minivan we rented). They flew back to a rain forecast, thankfully no snow or ice. The big storm went north of the DC area.

Today is Wed, Feb 2 and we are off again going south to Marathon, Fl. Two day trip.
The mooring area is full, hopefully someone will leave so we do not have to anchor out the whole time. Mooring is much preferred, cheap cost and much better holding so one can sleep better at night. Anchoring is okay if you get a good set, but then you are always wondering if you will drag and break loose while sleeping.

The Frankos are in Marathon, and we look forward to seeing them soon.


I am adding a quick update from Joe's recap of our visit with family. Today we were greeted by a mother and baby manatee (see picture), feeding just behind our boat where we were anchored. They move very slowly, feeding on grass, and then rising to the surface to breathe. We could have reached out and touched them.

After leaving the anchorage and crossing Biscayne Bay, we were out on the Atlantic crossing down the outside of the Keys. We saw a few dolphins and many Portuguese man-o-wars, floating on top of the water like blue balloons with their tentacles streaming below. Our anchorage tonight is Rodriguez Key, just west of key Largo, and very peaceful.


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