Monday, February 21, 2011


We have reached the farthest south. We left Marathon this morning and headed north to Rodriguez Key(near Key Largo). Took about 8 hours to get here.Tomorrow we are leaving at 4 :15 am as part of a parade of boat, about 12, heading to Bimini. I felt a little seasick the first hour, must have been because we have been on shore for 18 days a Marathon.

Got to sail most of the time today, less than 3 hours on the engine for an 8+ hour trip.

Pictures today of the grass field next to our boat, where you can not go even in your dinghy. Also a picture of Joy at the helm, and a picture she took up on the deck of the sails.

Not too much else is new. Going to set up a Skype phone account, Josh's suggestion.
Probably will still get a Bahamas cell phone so people can call us in an emergency.


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