Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another Day in Marathon

Well it truly was another day in Marathon, at least for the Mikos. Francis, Linda, and Sophie were supposed to leave this morning, but 25 knot winds out of the north changed their minds. So we got to spend another day with them.

Sally and Manny joined us for breakfast at the Stuffed Pig. Great pancakes.
However, they charge $3 for a tiny bottle of Vermont maple syrup. The bottle holds less than 2 oz. This works out to about $200 per gallon ( and you thought gas was expensive when it went over $4 per gallon). The syrup is so much better than the Mrs. Butterworth they serve for free.

After church Joy and I went to the 17th Annual Pigeon Key Art Festival. Pigeon Key is where the workers lived who built the Florida railroad system in the early 1900s.
It was a nice show, have included a picture. I mostly read my book and listened to the live bands, while Joy roamed around the festival. She did not win any raffle prizes. The all women band, GEARL JAM, played some nice songs. They had a nice blend of singing voices but the insturments were not tight.

We met the Mikos around 5 pm, played some cards and then went to dinner at Key Fisheries. We have decided that we have done too much eating out and are getting fat so it is back to eating on the boat for most of our meals, plus a lot cheaper.

Tomorrow at 1 pm is the meeting of boaters interested in going to the Bahamas in the next couple of weeks when the sailing weather improves. Should be interesting.


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